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Puigdemont asks for dialogue avoiding Rajoy’s demand to be clear

Rajoy and Puigdemont in a photo (c) by ElNational.cat

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Puigdemont clarified just one thing: he is afraid.

The Catalan President, after have called independence and freezing it, has called for a dialogue with the Spanish prime minister, in a missive to Rajoy. In this letter, however, Carles Puigdemont completely failed to clarify whether he will officialy and once for all declare the independence of the Republic of Catalonia.

A historical comparison

A construction that, for now, does not recall any juridical fundament and it’s comparable to the declaration of independence of Padania of 1996, the fake secessionist Country demanded by the Italian Northernist party “Lega Nord for the independence of Padania”.


Mariano Rajoy had concessed Carles Puigdemont until 10am this morning to explain his position, making his point regarding independence. Rajoy also gave to the head of the Generalitad until Thursday to change his mind if he carries on with the idea of the split from the Kingdom of Spain.

Spanish PM added (threated?) that National Government will suspend Catalan autonomy if the choose will be for secession. The risk of suspention was clarified days ago, also with the personal risk for Puigdemont to be arrested. Some important business, meanwhile, are changing their legal and administrative residence in other cities than Barcellona, in order to keep safe the legal maintenance in a not-controverse juridical situation.

The letter

In his envelope to Rajoy, published by Catalan media, Puigdemont wasn’t clear about the independence matter -how Rajoy begged him to do- but instead he asked for a meeting as soon as possible, demanding as well the opening of a two-months period of dialogue.

In the letter there are two important things to notice. First: Puigdemont appended, at the end of the document, many international articles denouncing the Spanish violences that happened througout referendum votations. Second: maybe the most important fact: the letter header says “The President of the Generalitad of Catalonia”, and not “The President of Catalonia”, which second option would have implicitly admitted that the Catalan Governor insists on the path of independence.

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