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The Catalan issue after the referendum

As it was predictable, the referendum set up in Catalonia has had, as a result, a prebiscite for a new, independent, Republic of Catalonia. Last night king Felipe held a speech in which he assured that Catalan people “will be never left alone”. This aknowledgement looked like a threat, rather …

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Republic of Catalonia: the referendum

The issue of Catalan referendum has some underestimate points. The great majority of the Countries throughout the world had been constituted by invasions, wars, violent and continued defence of invented borders. Some countries, on the other hand, were born by pacific and not violent reactions to invaders. The most clamant …

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ENVIRONMENT: China’s new deal

The Asian giant has declared a new strategy with the view of decreasing pollution and global warming. The People’s Republic of China, with 128 cars per every 1000 people (53 in 2011[1]), 154 million cars, has declared that a new ecological strategy has been started. Government is working on a …

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