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A un certo punto realizzi che non puoi togliere il “match” ad ogni donna che ti chiede di che segno sei. A meno che tu non sia su Tinder per qualche recondito motivo diverso dal sesso.

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Qwant, the privacy proof search engine

Qwant, a new French-born search engine is about to be launched in the italian market. Alberto Chalon, director and manager of Qwant, declares that Qwant, inserted in the italian market just yesterday, is based on a complete new algorithm. The difference between this algorithm and the others used by the …

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ENVIRONMENT: China’s new deal

The Asian giant has declared a new strategy with the view of decreasing pollution and global warming. The People’s Republic of China, with 128 cars per every 1000 people (53 in 2011[1]), 154 million cars, has declared that a new ecological strategy has been started. Government is working on a …

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