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The oblivion of political correctness

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Who’s writing does hate the widespread vulgarity in politics, but it’s perfectly fit within the decadent spirit of our time.

Considering this, I am glad the politics is not anymore just walking on eggshells, being afraid to express concepts, even unconfortable concepts, but also substance, also looking other people in the eyes and say what they actually think: that diversities do exist, that cultural and racial diversities are a big and rich value of a country, that must be preserved, protected and beloved, in an optical of mutual respect. Still, it must be recognized.

Hopefully this Us election might be a new start, leaving political correctness in the oblivion that the concept deserves itself. When the world look interested to the meeting of the president and the president-elect of the Us, it’s clear that an era is over. Everybody can read face of disappointment of Obama looking at his opponent and future Commander in chief Trump.

The liberals that ruled Us and world for a quarter of a century are over, with all their smiles and unscrupulous foreign action in Middle-East, that are (were?) going to tear incurably the society of the European continent. An optimistic mind could only hope that wars in that part of the world, once defeated Isis, will finally cease.

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