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«More plastic than fish»

Ocean’s future seems to be written already. We are all about to become 8 billions Jesuses, capable of the miracle of walking on water surface. While a giant plastic-made island is floating in the Pacific ocean, reaching the dimension of the Iberic region, many animal species such as turtoises and …

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Waste turned into a treasure: the dream comes true

The new project does not hesitate to designate as a “local hero” every citizen who intends to take part to the mission. If you own a little shop or a commercial activity opened to the public, you can join this plan, thought by some citizens and backed by the Amsterdam administration. …

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ENVIRONMENT: China’s new deal

The Asian giant has declared a new strategy with the view of decreasing pollution and global warming. The People’s Republic of China, with 128 cars per every 1000 people (53 in 2011[1]), 154 million cars, has declared that a new ecological strategy has been started. Government is working on a …

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