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This program incorporated social media campaigns, large-scale public events, and creative, hands-on activities to engage the public. Parts of the area, including the William Baker area, was home to a ghost town of empty military housing that was demolished in 2012. Urban Strategies has worked with Waterfront Toronto and its partners (the Province, City of Toronto, TRCA, TTC) on all aspects of this redevelopment, including the Transit Environmental Assessments. Sewell concludes that although the modernist approach remains ascendant in the suburbs, the City of Toronto has begun to replace it with alternatives that work. This is a reflective but vigorous statement by a committed urban reformer. On the heels of last week’s Daniels Waterfront – City of Arts announcement, we’re taking a closer look at these headline-grabbing undertakings and trying to unpack what exactly is happening in these mixed-use, master-planned, multi-phase redevelopments that span acres of land. Urban Strategies was retained to develop a long-term waterfront trails development and implementation program to articulate necessary missing linkages and improvements to complete a connected trail along the Toronto waterfront. Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan. Beneath the Eastern Avenue, Richmond and Adelaide overpasses, the first phase of Underpass Park opened in 2012. ‘The Yard,’ an east-west pedestrian link between Lower Jarvis and Richardson Streets, will feature retail, cafés and restaurants as well as festivals and special events. Ford government looking for bids to develop Ontario Place The Union Station Revitalization Project may soon enter its second decade. Plesae join us for a preview of 3 Master Planned Communities in the Greater Toronto Area 1)West Don Lands 2) Downsview Park and 3) Buttonville… The cost of the project is over $400,000, he said. The Provincial government chose the West Don Lands to host the Athletes' Village to leverage the work that was already underway by Waterfront Toronto. innovation. Found inside – Page 101Toronto : By the time this plan went before the city council for discussion ... their territory for future redevelopment projects , and thus would encourage ... Easy 1-Click Apply (BAYCREST) Project Manager, Redevelopment job in Toronto, ON. Commercial space: The Gross Leasable Area (GLA) for office space will measure 1.1 million square feet. Our Projects. Residents moved in to the first phase . Projects in Pre-Procurement Project Model PDC/TA Procurement Issue RFQ Issue RFP Contract Execution Location Estimated Total Capital Costs TRANSIT */**Scarborough Subway Extension - Stations, Railway, Systems TBD Awarded Spring/Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2023 Toronto $2B-$4B **Yonge North Subway Extension In addition to attending various meetings, Urban Strategies prepared a Report that summarized the substantial body of work undertaken during the Initiative process by the City, Waterfront Toronto, the TRCA and other consultants. Urban Strategies is leading the master planning and development approvals process for the redevelopment and re-urbanization of Galleria Mall, including the integration of Wallace Emerson Community Centre. The NTCI Redevelopment project was designed to create an exemplary mixed use development that would make a significant contribution to the life of the community. Urban Strategies directed the design and development the award-winning West Don Lands master plan. Neighbourhood Study was initiated in response to Porter Airlines' request to amend the tripartite agreement to allow jet aircrafts at Billy Bishop Airport and extend the runway. Construction on the project was supposed to wrap in 2015 and cost taxpayers over $800 million. Concerns about substandard housing and social problems arose over the decades, eventually leading to a decision in 2003 to launch a wide-scale revitalization, essentially knocking down all the existing social housing and rebuilding a mixed-income community. We were the master planners for these sites, and created TOD and intensification targets to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Residential mix: The project include 243 units of affordable residential rental units in three buildings. A Research project set up to examine problems of renewal in Toronto. Employment Area D will largely be home to retail. Found inside – Page 70these effects led to the appointment of an industrial development officer and the ... and two years later the city of Toronto Planning Board published an ... Found insideThere are hundreds of similar projects going on in different cities, but these Toronto examples show how fruitful adaptive reuse can be. After the Ontario government announced earlier this year that it would begin accepting proposals for a redevelopment project on Toronto's waterfront, one company has already pitched its vision for what the space could like like, despite the fact the "Expression of Interest" process hasn't even officially begun yet.. See also. As an extension of our Program Manager contract with Waterfront Toronto, Urban Strategies led the process to select design and development partners for Don River Park as well as two mixed-use developments: West Don Lands and two components of the East Bayfront. Background: In 2013, Westbank Properties, a Vancouver development company, purchased the Honest Ed’s discount store and the nearby properties the Mirvish family had acquired over the years on Markham Street. 1730. Villiers Island Precinct Plan (2014-present) The Villiers Island Precinct is one of the premier redevelopment sites on Toronto's waterfront, providing exceptional views of the City's skyline. What salary does a Project Director, Redevelopment earn in Toronto? Found inside – Page 269New middle-class neighbours in Toronto's first public housing redevelopment project, for instance, framed the outdoor socialising of low-income neighbours ... Waterfront Toronto retained Urban Strategies in 2013 as the lead consultant to prepare a precinct plan for the area. In downtown Toronto, many new developments are skinny infill projects squeezing into whatever slivers of land are still available. WELLS COATES' TORONTO ISlAND REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT .. LAKE ONTARIO T V V A Tens Coates (1895-1958) was among the first architects to introduce the International Style to Britain in the 1930s, but he received few com­ missions in England after the Second World War, and so gradually shifted Institutional space: George Brown and OCAD are both considering expanding into the 240,000 square feet of post-secondary academic space. The Google sister company behind a controversial, hi -tech redevelopment scheme for a swath of Toronto's waterfront has released the first detailed outline of an ambitious project, but . Kipling Acres Long Term Care Facility for City of Toronto, Redevelopment Phase II (ICI Project) & O2 - Oxygen On George Condominium (Hi Rise Residential Project), Toronto. The exciting redevelopment of Galleria Mall in Toronto will surely benefit from the decades to come. The revitalization of Toronto's waterfront is the largest urban redevelopment project currently underway in North America, and it is one of the largest waterfront revitalization efforts ever undertaken in the world. Fronting seven acres of. WATCH ABOVE: A system of manual levers and switches developed in the 1920s still directs train traffic at Toronto . As part of Waterfront Toronto’s Program Management Team, we helped to prepare a 30-year development plan and business strategy for the entire waterfront. It includes federal, provincial and municipal investments in both traditional city-building infrastructure, such as local . Current Projects. "The Water Guardians" on Front Street in the newly redeveloped West Don Lands community City of Toronto Concept 2 Keys Learn about how the City is transforming the planning and development application process by reimagining organizational structures, processes and technology. The project entails transforming what was once solely a social housing development into a self-sufficient, mixed-income, multi . Housing will be integrated into the 40 or so individual buildings that will be located on site. Residential mix: Rent-geared-to-income units will number 2,083 in total (over 1,800 in Regent Park and 266 in new buildings nearby). We served as Project Managers for the original Fung Taskforce on the Toronto Waterfront and proceeded to help set up the planning function within Waterfront Toronto and undertake a number of the organization’s original planning documents, including the management of both the East Bayfront Precinct Plan and the West Don Lands Precinct Plan, both now under construction. Projects > Project Details. Urban Strategies was originally involved in the development of the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan for the City of Toronto and the establishment of Waterfront Toronto. Background: A mainstay of the Toronto club scene since the late 1990s, the 2.8-acre Guvernment and Koolhaus Entertainment Complex hosted a number of big-name acts from the Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga. So far, Freshco, Rogers, Tim Hortons, RBC and Main Drug Mart have moved into newly created retail space. As part of projects such as the East Bayfront, the West Don Lands, and Don River Park, we worked with Waterfront Toronto to establish and manage steering committees made up of approval agencies and key stakeholders. 9 granny chic decor trends that got their groove back, 25 stylish headboard alternatives that will transform your bedroom, The 4 reasons your house plants keep dying. Woodbine Racetrack Redevelopment: proposed 2-3 storey retail building designed by WZMH Architects for One Toronto Gaming on the block of Rexdale Boulevard in the Rexdale neighbourhood. Guided by, and ultimately reflecting the goals of the world’s leading green building systems, including BREEAM and LEED, our frameworks featured district energy and passive energy in power park utilities; walkable and transit serviced communities; reduced right-of-ways to maximize green spaces; sustainable planting; and design practices such as permeable parking surfaces. In 2007, we prepared the LEED ND submission for the East Bayfront and West Don Lands communities, working with the USGBC to improve the rating system’s responsiveness to the local and Canadian context. Found inside – Page 127Gender, Condominium Development, and Urban Citizenship Leslie Kern ... or are (re)invigorated in the con— text of Toronto's revitalization hopes and fears. A crown corporation, Canada Lands Company, currently owns the site though there has been a lot of back and forth between city of Toronto councillors who have want the land in the hands of the City of Toronto. Find out how to promote this project on UrbanToronto. Please click on the images to see more about each project. 2017.TE25.55 – Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan – Interim Report. Search Project manager redevelopment jobs in Toronto, ON with company ratings & salaries. Found inside – Page 43... to develop models for use in large masterplanning projects around the world. ... Toronto's West Don Lands project—a 32-hectare (80-acre) redevelopment ... Employment Area E, the current Bombardier Aerospace Lands, will remain as they are. This is a listing of all the projects for Waterfront Toronto. development sites. Over a decade and a half into the revitalization of Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood, the area is almost totally unrecognizable from the vast stretch of single-purpose public housing buildings that generated notoriety and social stigma in past generations . The revitalization of Toronto's waterfront is the largest urban redevelopment project currently underway in North America, and it is one of the largest waterfront revitalization efforts ever undertaken in the world. Found inside – Page 22It identified the need for a 'major redevelopment project' to bring retail ... would reflect the dominant market trend in retailing (City of Toronto 1996c). Members of the firm have also been involved in the design of some of Toronto’s most significant new waterfront parks, including HTO, an innovative new waterfront park, and Don River Park which is to serve as a 20-acre central open space for the new West Don Lands neighbourhood. Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) retained Dillon as part of an interdisciplinary consulting team for the Lawrence Heights community plan to redevelop the area. PCL Constructors Canada Inc. (Toronto) is the construction manager for the PSC, which is the first step in the hospital's full campus redevelopment plan, Project Horizon. Overview. If you want to ensure you get all of the latest investment . Bathurst Quay. 60 Richmond East in Toronto (Photo: Teeple Architects) Among the most renowned projects by Teeple Architects is the housing development at 60 Richmond East. An abandoned factory site is reborn as a community environmental center: Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto, Canada. Background: When the former Canadian Forces Base Toronto was closed by the Government of Canada in 1994, Downsview Lands was established. It identifies the “Big Moves” needed to revitalize the waterfront, including the creation of a public waterfront revitalization corporation, and sets out the process for precinct-by-precinct planning on the waterfront. West Don Lands Revitalization (2003 – 2007). Information on planning, design, development and construction in the Port Lands, including Flood Protection or Don Mouth Naturalization project. Found inside – Page 202... which required that redevelopment projects take “a comprehensive area approach” to be eligible for CMHC monies.199 Why invest public funds into renewal ... Found inside – Page 60Residential brownfield redevelopment projects in Toronto, and in a growing number of central cities in the US (e.g., Chicago), are just as or more ... Background: The Globe and Mail will be vacating its current headquarters at 444 Front Street West for a new King Street East office tower in late 2016. Dillon Urban Revitalization - Lawrence Heights, Toronto, ON Lawrence Heights was developed in the early 1960s and at the time was the largest public housing project in Canada Gta-homes The Lawrence Heights revitalization master-planned community will be bordered by Dufferin Street to the west, Highway . TORONTO —Manulife Investment Management has completed the extensive redevelopment of Manulife Centre, one of Canada's first mixed-use complexes located in Toronto's Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood. The revitalization of Ontario Place in Toronto is set to involve three new attractions, including a redevelopment of the existing amphitheatre, an adventure park, as well as a destination of . How big is the lawrence heights revitalization project . Once the Regent Park revitalization is complete, 2,083 replacement rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units, 399 new affordable rental . Project Overview. Found inside – Page 53The urban renewal study had stated that the " priorities for public expenditure on redevelopment projects and neighbourhood improvements could . . . result ... During the Pan Am/Para Pan Games, part of the new community will feature the Athlete’s Village and house more than 10,000 athletes and team officials. This work culminated in the preparation of the plan of subdivision including block planning, public realm strategies and working with the engineering team to resolve transportation and infrastructure challenges. Additional information is available through the Bentway Conservancy. Project Manager, Redevelopment Project Office, Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto, ON. Institutional space: Daniels Spectrum, a 60,000 square foot community cultural hub featuring galleries, performance and exhibition spaces. We prepared studies to help the Client understand the opportunities and constraints of various development and phasing options, identified key issues and developed Request for Proposal documents, established evaluation criteria and assisted with the evaluation process. This project has resulted in a number of recent trail and waterfront public space improvements including York Quay Promenade, John Quay Promenade, Marilyn Bell Park Improvements and the expansion of the Martin Goodman Trail from Marilyn Bell Park to Ontario Place. Employment Area C will focus on office, sports and entertainment and retail uses. Winterways. Port Lands Acceleration Initiative (2011-2012). One of the early projects currently under construction, Downsview Park (pictured above) will be home to 348 townhouses and houses. Managed the start up and ground breaking of the project, securing buy ins of all contractors, overseeing the project throughout first phase of construction. River City, the community's first private sector development, is setting a new benchmark for sustainable urban design in Toronto. Unity Health Toronto - St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto has a $5 million commitment from the province to begin planning a major redevelopment project. Projects. There’ll be a focus on mirco-retail in Honest Ed’s Alleys, as well food trucks, makerspaces, pop-up shops and a partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation, a co-working space. This work has included the development of an overall transit-first vision for the waterfront, the creation of transit-supportive Precinct Plans, the development of a strong public realm along the designated transit corridors and the co-management of the Environmental Assessments for the TWRC and TTC. As part of this work, we conducted market analysis and land capacity and yield studies that inform the land disposition process. 2014.PG35.4 – South Niagara Planning Strategy – Final Report, Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan project page, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Initiatives page, 2017.EX23.7 – Ground Lease for Waterfront Innovation Centre in East Bayfront, 2015.EX10.8 – George Brown College Waterfront Campus – Block 3 (Dockside) Academic Building – East Bayfront, 2015.TE12.30 – East Bayfront Public Art Plan, 2016.EX20.14 – New Implementation Approach for the F.G. Gardiner Expressway Revised Strategic Rehabilitation Plan, 2016.PW11.1 – Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard East Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment (EA) and Integrated Urban Design Study – Evaluation of Preferred Design, 2015.PW7.2 – Progress Report on Design Concepts for the Hybrid EA Preferred Alternative – Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard East Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment (EA) and Integrated Urban Design Study, 2014.PW28.5 – Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge and Ordnance Triangle Master Plan – Status Update, 2014.PG34.3 – 10, 11, 25, and 30 Ordnance Street and 45 Strachan Avenue – Zoning By-law Amendment Application Final Report, 2017.PG23.6 – Port Lands Planning Initiatives – Final Report, 2017.PG23.6 – Port Lands Planning Framework, 2016.EX16.12 – Governance and Funding Options for Project: Under Gardiner and Class Environmental Assessment for Crossing of Fort York Boulevard, 2015.EX.10.7 – Private Donation to Animate the F.G. Gardiner Expressway from Approximately Strachan Avenue to Spadina Avenue, 2016.TE15.44 – Traffic and Parking Regulations – West Don Lands Neighbourhood, 2016.TE15.54 – Traffic Control Signals: Bayview Avenue/Lawren Harris Square and Bayview Avenue/Front Street East, Neighbourhood Study was initiated in response to Porter Airlines’ request to amend the tripartite agreement to allow jet aircrafts at Billy Bishop Airport and extend the runway, Porter Airline’s request was denied by the Federal Government, The City of Toronto proceeded with the Study to provide a framework for development and transportation pressures within the neighbourhood, City Council endorsed the guiding principles and action plan in July 2017, 23 hectare, former industrial site extending from Lower Jarvis Street to Parliament Street and Lake Shore Boulevard to the water, One of the first waterfront neighbourhoods to enter the implementation phase, Mixed-use district including Corus Entertainment, George Brown College, and a variety of residential projects, City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto are proponents of the recently completed Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard East Reconfiguration Environmental Assessment and Integrated Urban Design Study (Gardiner East), City Council endorsed a hybrid option as the preferred EA solution, EA includes a conceptual public realm plan from Jarvis Street to Leslie Street, EA was submitted in January 2017 to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for review and approval, Will provide a link to increase connections between the City, Fort York, and the Waterfront upon completion in 2018, Will encompass 37km and 375 hectares of shoreline along the Outer Harbour, Vision is to design a coherent linear landscape from diverse sites along the park, The Port Lands Planning Framework and the Port Lands Official Plan Modification, adopted by Council December 2017, provides land use directions for the “Regeneration Areas” in the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan. Working in consultation with municipal staff, landowners and the public, Urban Strategies prepared a comprehensive design-based Zoning By-law and Urban Design Guidelines that will integrate the principles of the Precinct Plan into the City’s regulatory framework. Where: Spadina and Wellington Street West. Part of the space doubles as a flood protection zone and the site is home to extensive naturalized areas, including playgrounds, a splash pad, athletic field, open lawns, a marsh, tables, benches, a barbecue, a fireplace, bike paths, a boardwalk and an off-leash dog area. Public Spaces Framework and Parks (2000 – Present). 2014.PG34.11 – Port Lands Acceleration Initiative Phase 2 – Progress Report. Register now to reach dream jobs easier. Commercial space: Aside from a large-scale market space, there are also ideas for an outdoor, covered market. Found inside – Page 152( Author / TRRL ) 45 386357 METROPOLITAN TORONTO : THE TRANSIT / DEVELOPMENT CONNECTION This illustrated booklet provides an insight into the development of ... Located directly across from Toronto's 200-year old St. Lawrence Market South building, the dramatically reimagined North Market preserves the tradition of the popular ground-floor Farmer's Market. Found inside – Page 17See Table 4, “Completed Redevelopment Projects" in Urban Renewal (Toronto: Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto, 1968). Once the project is fully completed, the Regent Park revitalization will have built: 2,083 replacement rent-geared-to-income (RGI) units. We executed numerous consultation programs including focus meetings with individual stakeholders, facilitated workshops, public open houses and multi-agency meetings. The Port Lands, or Lower Don Lands, is a 125 hectare (308 acre) area that runs from East Bayfront (the Parliament Street Slip) east to the Don Roadway and from West Don Lands (the rail corridor . 2000 City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award. Our team’s work builds on the design and technical work completed for the Lower Don Lands and Port Lands, incorporating the technical requirements for flood protection. Register now to reach dream jobs easier. Gross floor area at Union Station has increased approximately 14 per cent - approximately 76,400 square metres (822,000 square feet) pre-revitalization vs approximately . Found insideFailed Planning Visions and Early Redevelopment Projects The recommendations of the report were integrated into planning proposals for downtown Toronto ... Four projects were identified by Waterfront Toronto (formally the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation) to jump start the transformation of Toronto's unattractive and underdeveloped central waterfront into a vibrant residential, economic and recreational centre. The following is an overview of our projects, with the most recent projects appearing first. Alexandra Park is one of eight active TCHC revitalization projects in Toronto designed to provide a mix of quality, affordable, rental and market housing in neighbourhoods where social housing has .

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